Acne Control Line


Purifying Cleansing Gel

A purifying gel specially indicated to control excessive oiliness and acne problems. Its all-vegetable ingredients have an important aseptic effect, controlling bacteria growth and removing the cells that block the normal elimination of oil.

Give the face a daily treatment with the gel, both in the morning and at night if the skin permits it, depending on the degree of sensitivity. Use minimal quantities, because this is a concentrated product. Remove with cold water.

Price: $42.00 - Qty

Normalizing Lotion

An astringent antiseptic tonic with a combination of important alpha-hydroxy acids and natural active ingredients. It improves the appearance of the skin, minimizes pores and reduces the accumulation of sweat and sebum. It decongests and soothes the skin.

Recommended for daily use after facial cleansing. Use cotton soaked in the lotion and apply all over the face or to the specific areas that require treatment.

Price: $40.00 - Qty

Re-Balancing Mask

A gel balancing mask whose high content of botanical extracts produces a refreshing, decongestant effect on acne-affected tissues. Also helps control oily skin. Re-Balancing Mask is also an antiseptic, antibacterial formula.

Apply sparingly all over the face and wait 20 minutes to allow the product to act. Remove with cold water.

Price: $42.00 - Qty

Anti-Impurities Complex

An astringent, antiseptic lotion that eliminates excess oiliness and contributes to the recovery of tissues affected by excess oiliness andacne. Its outstanding combination of botanical ingredients keeps the skin moisturized.

Apply regularly to the affected area twice a day.

Price: $68.00 - Qty
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